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Bird down! Bird down!

relicshunterrelicshunter Posts: 605 Officer
My first Osceola turkey, a 12 lb, 9in bearded, 3/4&7/8 in. spurred turkey. I have been pursuing the elusive wild turkey for two seasons now, and today it finally work out. I have had many sits with Jay calling and toms responding but just could not bring them into the decoys or gun range. Some of my closer calls were ended by someone else's gun shot. This season started out promising, I saw lots of birds just could not get them in range. I was hunting a local WMA with 30-40 other hunters and they were just too stirred up. This place has too many roads and drive by callers.
I was looking forward to a quota today that had just 5 hunters. We scouted last week, and had three areas picked out. Got there before light and set up, we quickly had two toms on the next fire break up and one behind us a ways off. The two up the ways would not budge and I heard hens in the area. The whole group moved away after a while. The tom behind was moving toward us with Jay's calling. I heard a hen just down the way past us, hoping he would come to us not her. It didn't sound like another hunter, no vehicle around. Just my luck out of 5 hunters we had one by us. I guess he let us do the calling. One shot and our hunt was over for us at least. We now had two hours left before 1pm. We went to a spot that took a little walking, time ticking away. There were many fire breaks and it was hard to know were the decoys should go. We set up without the blind, it was nearly 12pm and Jay began calling. After a short while I hear way in the distance a gobble. Good maybe there's a chance. After a short while another gobble, now he was in the field between fire breaks. Then two gobbles,two toms on the fire break just out from the one we're on. Then silence, where are they? I hear a gobble further away,that figures their circling around us, or leaving. I look at my watch it's now 12.39pm we've got to speed them up. Jay calls again they are behind him in the pine head, they can't see the decoys, will this work. They are now 12 feet behind Jay and they both pop their heads up in the viney stuff and look in my direction. I am running out of time, but it's happening quickly. One of the toms steps out on the fire break and sees the hen decoy. He gets just a little inflated and walks a slow zig, zag toward it. He made it only 4 feet toward it and turns away. He's in range and it's 12:45, and he has turned away, it's now or never I pull the trigger. Oh the excitement Bird down, dropped him right there.


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