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Hog hunting ranch suitable for a bachelor's party weekend

Greyt EscapeGreyt Escape Posts: 326 Officer
So I'm the unlucky guy getting married and the guys are looking to try to kill me with tequila before I can say "I do". We would like to find a place where we can go unload lead from our ar's, .50 cal encore, rem 870's, .44 mag S&W and my brand new Kimber .45 and then get a jump start on drowning my sorrows at night time. I found a whole bunch of places to go to achieve the first part, but I don't want them to freak out when the alcohol starts pouring and we get rowdy. I live in West Palm Beach and just moved here 2 years ago so I don't know much about northern Florida and the hunting ranches. What is the best plan? I know most ranches let you stay there overnight but is that the kind of place you can get rowdy around a fire or should we just hunt during the day and find somewhere else to be hooligans. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!! Also considering quail/bird hunting and any fishing charters that would be fun. Basically anything that some good ol Indiana boys would love doing involving guns, boats, monster swamp buggies and don't forget tequila.


  • huntmstrhuntmstr Posts: 6,290 Admiral
    My suggestuion is to go do your outfitting business during the day and then retire to a local camping area or hit one of the redneck yatch club mudding events afterwards. There you can embibe to your heart's desire and not worry an outfitter with the liability of alcohol consumption.
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  • Greyt EscapeGreyt Escape Posts: 326 Officer
    yea ok where can I get more info on redneck mudding? that sounds like a blast.
  • mccrackermccracker Posts: 354 Deckhand
    http://redneckyachtclubmudpark.com/ there ya go, you oughtta forget the shooting and just get obliterated in a mud hole
  • Greyt EscapeGreyt Escape Posts: 326 Officer
    wow that looks awesome!! Only problem is I don't have any thing worthy of a decent mudhole. I have a 4x4 jeep grand cherokee that has seen some serious corn field assult of deer but I dont think itll do in mud.
  • TriplecleanTripleclean Posts: 6,591 Officer
    I'd look around Yee Haw Junction and south. I wouldn't go to far north because you guys will need ladies or guys will start tussling. Most of your PSL entertainer types will still drive out there. Not that you want any of course, but think of your mates.

    Red Neck Yacht club over in arcdia?
  • binellishtrbinellishtr Posts: 8,797 Admiral
  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,353 Moderator
    Sounds fun!

    One month from tomorrow I'll be leaving Panama City at noon for my bachelor party. One night anbad two rooms in NOLA on Thursday, and then drive to a house boat in Venice, LA for back to back 12 hour tuna trips... going to be a long sad drive home on Monday. I thought about trying to incorporate hunting into the party, but fishing proved much easier.

    Good luck getting a plan put together. Be sure to take pics and post the appropriate ones! I hope to have some nice tuna (as in the fish) pictures to share after our trip.
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