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Boss Gobblers

Do boss gobblers generally hang out alone? Seems like I see a lot of toms in the 2yr old range in groups of 3-4 but only have seen older "longbeards" birds in singles. Is this the norm or just coincidence? Sorry if thats a dumb question.


  • ShineShine Posts: 837 Officer
    I have seen big “alpha males” alone and all about control. These are good to find. While you will probably not shoot the Alpha bird, the up and comers have gotten locked out and beat down. Toms just outside a dominant birds territory can aggressively come to a call. I tend to see more Easterns with other toms tagging along. Toms together can get competitive – so that is a good find too. I saw a group of nine toms last fall in a group hanging together in SC. Saw four of them in late December with one showing display and aggression towards the others. Tom turkeys are like a 70s disco club. If they get ahold of a gold chain and some Aqua Velva, they would put it on and strut. Lots of attitude.
  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,336 Moderator
    What do you guys think when you see a single hen? When I went to deer hunting them last Saturday at late morning, I had a single hen cross that road. Probably 30 minutes later, that tom crossed and got popped.

    I don't imagine he had her in his sights unless she didn't go far when she got to the next cover and they two were clsoe the whole time, just moving very slow.
    "Whatcha doin' in my waters?"
  • james 14james 14 Posts: 3,084 Moderator
    Usually hens will be in groups before they are bred. You know most of the breeding has taken place when you no longer see groups of hens and start seeing singles. Now, just because you see a single doesn't mean she's been bred but, from what I've been told, hens in a group have yet to breed.
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