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Planted Freshwater Tank

Not a fishing report, but its freshwater related :grin thought you guys might find interesting. Its a video of my 1 month old freshwater planted tank. Hope you guys like it.


  • FS JeffFS Jeff Posts: 376 Moderator
    Cool stuff. I have golden top minnows and swamp darters in my tank right now. Catch them with dipnet in my pond. Very fun to watch. Those shrimp are also neat. My tank is just gravel and plastic plants though. You've got the real thing working!

    The local darters and other minnows seem to eat best initially on a diet of frozen blood minnows, then gradually transition to flake food. After a month or so, they'll pop flakes right off the surface. The shrimp are also a trip to watch eat.
    Jeff Weakley
  • jakejake Posts: 326 Deckhand
    Love it. I just got my 5 gal desk tank planted and running. Can't beat a planted tank.... with a good scape beats a reef tank any time.
  • bigzee20bigzee20 Posts: 72 Deckhand
    Thanks guys!!! Glad you liked it!!
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