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Important meeting on the WCAs- 4/17 in Coral Springs-All Recreation is involved

N. CookN. Cook Posts: 2,180 Captain
The second of two meetings on the effects Everglades Restoration will have on access and recreation in the WCAs will be held by the Federal agencies, South Florida Everglades Restoration task force, April 17 at the Marriott Hotel in Coral Springs (11775 Heron Bay Blvd.) at 6 pm. The specific topic will be WCA 3.

If you hunt, fish, boat, etc. from Holiday Everglades Park or north off the Tamiami Trail you need to attend this meeting.

There are significant changes in the CERP and DECOMP plans for the WCAs, including major changes in water levels, filling of canals and leveling levees and dikes.


  • gottheitch22gottheitch22 fort Meade FLPosts: 4,354 Captain
    living life as i like
  • N. CookN. Cook Posts: 2,180 Captain
    Filling in the Miami canal....filling in the L 67 canal....pushing the levees into the canals and bringing in fill to complete the job, or at least fill in 4000 feet sections...building a canal along the north side of WCA 2 that will send water through culverts into WCA 2 raising the water level at least two feet in the area just south of STA 3/4 for the sheet flow south which will go into WCA 3 and build up at the Tamiami trail two to three feet deeper than today to build a head that will send water on south under about five miles on new bridges on the Trail....Pulsing water through the entire system during the wet season to scour out sloughs and build tree islands....hopefully.....and somehow using STAs and storage to bring the phosporous content of the water down to 10 ppb P.....(no current scheme has been able to do this under rain event conditions).

    That is a brief description of CERP and DECOMP.....
  • binellishtrbinellishtr Posts: 8,797 Admiral
    basically fuukin up the glades worse then it currently is..
  • ChetChet Posts: 292 Deckhand
    Is this meeting for locals only?
  • binellishtrbinellishtr Posts: 8,797 Admiral
    No, I would expect prominent members from all over Florida would be in attendance.
  • gottheitch22gottheitch22 fort Meade FLPosts: 4,354 Captain
    for us that have lived here that dont know the names of these leves like you in the future might want to discibe them so people can undertsand what is being talked about . one question tree islands are normally good i would think right
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  • davidfloridadavidflorida Posts: 1,138 Officer
    It seems like every time man decides he knows better than mother nature all that happens is a big waste of our taxes and a profit for a few and a loss for the masses. Then they realize they ****** up the eco system and start to try to put it back the way it was.Making more money for a select few .
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  • binellishtrbinellishtr Posts: 8,797 Admiral
    let me lay it out for you....the road into holeylands will be taken out,and the levee's will be pushed down in various areas as to connect the holes,rotenberger,wca3 making them one contigous marsh.

    They will dredge a canal or keep the current one open for navigation,or maybe close it off as well.

    What this means is they are planning to "HOLD MORE WATER" ie flood WCA3's north end,and probably do the same to Rotenberger. (3 feet of water) thus running out all the deer,and hogs,turning the place into another cattail marsh such as the STA's located adjacent to the areas.

    You will not be able to easily access Rotenberger from the South,or WCA3 from the north.

    Only good thing is the levee joy rider hunters won't have anywhere to go.

    It's not about conservation,its about water storage plain and simple.
  • binellishtrbinellishtr Posts: 8,797 Admiral
    if any of you are good with PDF documents PM me and i'll send you a document you can paste on this thread.
  • N. CookN. Cook Posts: 2,180 Captain
    The road to Holeyland and the canal along it will not be impacted....the plans call for a new canal just south of the current one that will be a "spreader canal" and it will have numberous culverts running into the north end of WCA 3 and will raise the water level. The exact plans were presented to the WRAC Recreation meeting and a long discussion regarding buggy and airboat access was had by stakeholders with the agencies. More water means less deer in my opinion...but more ducks????

    In time, the shallow resevoir planned for the giant EAA area north of STA 3/4 will put more water into Holeyland and Rotenberger...seepage....the deep water reservoir was predicted to put up to two feet more water in those WMAs, but a shallow water reservoir will put in less.

    This meeting is a continuation of the one that gave the details on the spreader canal and filling of the Miami canal in the northern section of WCA 3 as this meeting will cover the southern portion of WCA 3from Holiday Park to the Trail....
  • binellishtrbinellishtr Posts: 8,797 Admiral
    3 sections with new pump stations to redistribute inflows
    1.Western –degrade L-4 Levee from S-8 to L-28 (3.3 miles)
    2.Mid –spreader canal parallel to L-5 Levee (8.5 miles)
    3.Eastern –gap “remnant” L-5 (5 miles; 1000’ gaps at 0.5 mile intervals
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