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Boca Saturday 3/24. Dolphin

Ria and I headed out Saturday morning to take a coworker of hers out fishing. We cleared the inlet around 7:30 and began the day drifting some liveys. No luck there after 40 minutes or so, so we put out the trolling spread in search of better water. Lots of scattered weeds around but not much life. In about 475 we got our first hit and it was a decent schoolie dolphin. We left him in the water a couple minutes with some live baits out but his friends never showed up. At least we now had dinner in the box. Worked the area a little more then continued to head deeper. In 550 we got a solid hit on the port rigger and saw a nice phin take flight. We cleared the lines and Mark did a good job working the fish to the boat. Got a solid gaff shot and the fish was in the boat.


Spent a little more time in the area then ran in to the beach to try to spot a cobia but no such luck. We headed in and dropped off Mark, picked up the afternoon crew and spent the rest of the day in Lake Boca. Watched the Florida game at The Cove, then took the boat out and had everyone up to our place to eat the fish and murder about 8 bottles of wine. Very awesome day and a great reminder why we live here in paradise.



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