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Round Island - Fort PIerce 3/24

Up until November, Dad and I fished here nearly every weekend. Now after having replaced almost every ignition part on the boat including the CDI box $$$, we finally got a chance to get back up there.

We're not experts but having spent so much time up there we were enjoying a bit of success as we learned the area as well as teaching ourselves how to fly and flats fish at the same time. Dad in the bow armed only with a fly rod, me in back...

Well to say we were amazed was an understatement. When last up there the grass was thick clean and the water was usually gin clear. Now, not so much.

I didn't bring my camera so I'll try to be clear in my description. The grass flats look like my front yard near the end of summer. Barren, patchy with only a few wisps of grass here and there. Where there was once what seemed like miles of continuous grass in all directions has been reduced to small 1/4 acre or less patches of silt covered crass with large expanses of muddy crap. We were fairly disappointed. We checked the west side of the river but it was more of the same. The grass there used to be so thick I couldn't fish with a x-rap except at high tide. With the moderate breeze yesterday, the water was dingy and thick looking wherever we went.

As far as the fish, I was able to catch a couple of small but very healthy looking trout and missed a couple more because I am a little rusty. We still saw a few mullet jumping here and there over the small unhealthy silt covered patches of grass.

We saw a ton of boats putting in and heading mainly south. Maybe the wind didn't kill everything down that way. I'd be surprised. I think we're going to have to leave our "home port" for a bit and fish somewhere else. I know we're going to miss the area when we do.




  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 21,049 AG
    It could be worse...Sebastian has NO grass...I've been fishing down that way( R/I ) and have been doing pretty well. I took a fellow from Alabama on tuesday and he had 3 Reds and a few trout...I had a few trout also but lost the Red I hooked up on.
    Yesterday, We fished from there and to the south and I had 5 Reds 2 Trot and a Snook...the young fellow I took had his first " sight casted Red on arti " and a pair of trout with one being a nice 25" fatso.
    The fish are still there....and the habitat will get better( the grass will regrow) with warm weather
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  • IntheslotIntheslot Posts: 342 Deckhand
    And I noticed a distinct lack of thick grass at where I occasionally wade in Stuart. It used to be very similar to how RI was.

    And I didn't I didn't catch nearly what I used to catch either.
  • beyondhelpbeyondhelp Posts: 392 Deckhand
    It's encouraging to hear that the fish are still there. The reports I got at the ramp were disappointing. That combined with my lack of confidence discouraged me. I'm not as consistent as I'd like to be . But, I chose to fish only artificials or flies whenever possible so that adds to it.

    I was pleased to see that my fly casting has improved during the break in action. Weird.
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