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Headed out before sunrise. The plan was to play at the sand pile for an hour or so and then hit the deep. Was the third boat on the pile. Drifted around Alwaysforward and Nemo and we got three hits on livies. All were toothy cridders and since we don't use wire on the pile they now have a 5/O and a piece of 80# hanging from their jaws. Had enough of that and left for deeper water. Found a rip in 75', trolled some dead bait and bumped some livies nothing. Left that and found a nice weed line in 200'. That weed line was perfect except it was not holding anything.:banghead Bumped it for a good hour heading north. Left that and started trolling dead bait again. Trolled out to 500' and no knock downs. Got a call from Spyder and he said he picked up a dolphin in 75'. :fishing reel them in and head west at 25mph. Half hour later we find Spyder in 75' on the six mile and now he has 2 dolpin in the box and a 12# margate on a jig. We drop the hook about 300' south of him and we start catching keeper seabass. After we release the seabass we see crabs on the deck so we keep catching more figuring they are doing the chum line for us. We put out our menhaden milk and start our own chum line headed right towards Spyder. We then see Spyder pull the hook. He says between the smell of our two stroke and the menhaden slick he got to go. Funny Spyder:rotflmao Not ten minutes go by and Capt. B gets slammed. I guess that menhaden milk works:cool: It's a cobia:hairraiser Not big this time so we get the net to make sure and after measuring the fish 3 times. It's a keeper. About another 15 minutes, slam Capt. is on again. This time he lands a big red grouper. Back in the water it goes. Stayed out about another half hour and hit the bricks.


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