Miami Backcountry report 3/20/12

Well folks it looks like the Peacock Bass in Miami have faired very well through the "winter" months. I took my older son out this morning in some of the southern canals to do some scouting. Turns out not to have been a bad idea. We caught a fresh water slam and some really decent Peacock Bass too. The fish are now in a post spawn mode so their feeding heavily on shad and wild shiners. So you have to make sure the lures or flies your throwing match the hatch. Or you'll be chunking lures all day with no takes.
Anyways I'm booked for the rest of March but have some open dates in April if anyone wants to battle some Peacock Bass and more. I took a few pics of the day for yous to check out. Thanks for reading our report.











  • DirtySouthDirtySouth Posts: 212 Deckhand
    Great report and pics, I was just wondering where you put in at? All the windy days makes it hard in a gheenoe, been wanting to do some peacock bass fishing with my son. The canals are great for wetting a line and staying dry. I know there is a ramp at the edge of Everglades national park, but other than that I haven't seen where else to drop my gheenoe.
  • SFCarlSFCarl Posts: 300 Officer
    Nice peacocks. How big do they get here in FL?
  • COBRACOBRA Posts: 248 Deckhand
    The Butterfly Peacocks can grow to 12-13 lbs. I believe the all tackle record is 12.6lbs. caught in Venezuela.
  • skinneejskinneej Posts: 358 Officer
    State record is around 9 lbs. I've been catching them on the fly rod lately. But, I am curious as to why you say that they are "post spawn"??? I've been catching a lot off of the beds and they just started sitting on the beds and pairing up like a week ago if that... Yesteday me and a buddy caught 5 peacocks, 3 mayans, 1 largemouth...

    Here is a picture of a pig I caught yesterday (I am 6'8" and 265 lbs for scale)...
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