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Yankee Capts 3/16/12

March 16th - 3 Day Mutton Marathon.
Thursday departure day... lots of young anglers on this one, all visibly well prepared and seasoned, reminded me of myself when I started out at Halouver and Newport pier. 99% of the great anglers that I've fished with, started out and continue to fish from local piers, this group was no different, if anything just better and very well equipped, they all carried long pier rods that could double as Mutton rods on the Yankee Capts and they knew how to use them...
We had great weather for the most part, never saw more than 3-5 seas, actually a very refreshing rain shower here and there, but the Gulf Stream pushed itself onto the reef, limitting our depth range to about 100' - 120'. For the most part the 100' -120' depht did not limit the quality and size of our target specie, lots of large fish caught.
Some highlights... We could have filled the white box, the blue box and front box with huge Red Groupers and head back early, but our "trusted" public officials that know better than the actual front line soldiers :huh see it fit that a closure is warranted due to diminishing numbers of stock, just like the now present in "unlikelly" places American Red Snapper. We set free more than a handfull of Black groupers as well, my 25 pounder and T.J.'s 35 pounder and other. Kingfish were an easy target, average 10-20 pounders, flyingfish were abundant as well. A couple from Minessota actually brought some highlights to the scene, with Amanda's 30 lb. Cobia and also her huge Mutton Snapper. :hail. The Atlantic Sharpnose were missing perhaps due to the large number of BIG sharks that made their presence evident by helpng themselves to our catch on the way up...
We saw come over the rail many flag sized 'tail with one in the 5lb. range and even I had a 4 pounder. as I mentioned, lots of quality Mutton snappers, not many muffins came aboard, most 8lb. plus fish with many in the 15-19lb. range.
Overall for the depht that we managed to fish, this trip was outstanding, I can only imagine if we had been able to make it deeper. Great group of anglers, needless to say the captains, Joe, and the Josh, Chad and Linden team made it all happen!
Just a few pictures,


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