sheepshead action

noreasternoreaster Posts: 1 Greenhorn
new to post...but not to forum...just wanted to post about a sheepshead trip we just had at mayport...nutshell...fished for sheepsheads quite a few times and always ended up just donating fiddlers, but this trip I tried a different approach which worked out quite nice. Figured I'd share and see what you pro's think...since I hate bottom soaking, I grabbed a live shrimp and was tossing on a 1/4 oz jig head into the rocks...pulled a few blues, a yellow mouth trout...and then I lucked into a nice sheep...I decided to target them by tossing the 1/4 oz jig head (loaded with 2-3 fiddlers at a time) into the jetty rocks. Most takes were happening w/in inches of the rocks and were almost immediate. The success rate was much higher using this approach, because it was so similar to bass fishing w/a jig...was able to see the subtle bites on the line and set before I ever actually felt a bite...from my limited experience, if I feel a bite, its too late. Anyway, we filled up the cooler with these guys and I'll be enjoying sheepshead nuggets for a few nights!


  • The DaveThe Dave Posts: 486 Deckhand
    Sounds like a good trip. Those sheepies are tasty
    I'll think of something witty to put here.....
  • Caribbean SoulCaribbean Soul Posts: 234 Officer
    it works... great! I loose a lot of bait too.
  • snookcatcher1snookcatcher1 Posts: 256 Officer
    Great info and report! Congrats on a great trip. Keep it up with the jig heads. You found something that works!

    Anyone else have any thoughts on how to feel the bite and make a good hook set on a Sheepy? (A.K.A. Cheesers - due to their toothy smile.)
  • jumboshrimpjumboshrimp Posts: 820 Officer
    Very cool. The best sheepshead day I ever had was throwing shrimp on a jig head... only downfall was we were in flamingo looking for snook haha. Great post :thumbsup
  • the flats guythe flats guy Posts: 310 Deckhand
    Nice catch! had the same luck a couple weeks ago at ponce... this is my 5 pound baby...
  • ShallowatrShallowatr Posts: 60 Deckhand
    Jigheads work great for me, 1/8 oz baited w crabs or shrimp
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