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bluewater 2350bluewater 2350 Posts: 5 Greenhorn

I'm considering repowering my Bluewater 2350 (currently running a Yamaha 225 0x66) with a 250 or 300 ETEC. Recently while looking at the motors I've run across a few options to do a 25 inch shaft 250 HO etec. Are these motors suited for offshore applications? In looking around I mostly saw the HOs mounted on bass boats and flats boats. Should I just stick with a standard 250 or 300?



  • BillgranBillgran Posts: 350 Deckhand
    the 250HO is a high performance version for go fast boats and cannot use the reduced rate oil programming. The engine calibration is more more performance oriented and not necessarily for extended trolling and low speed running. On your type of boat, the 300 will give you similar or better performance than the 250 HO but with gentler manners. The standard recreational 250 has a slightly smaller block than the HO version.

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  • bluewater 2350bluewater 2350 Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Thanks Bill. After a few weeks of looking I think i'm going with a 250 etec for my repower selection. One question, I'm looking for a site or some source of data where I can get some numbers that show the type of performance and consumption that I should expect. I checked the Evinrude site but my boat / model arent on the list of the ones tested.
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