Flat line setup wile anchored

Just wondering what a good flat line setup while anchored would be? The other weekend in the MG I got smoked on my flat line (8000 Saragosa 80# braid). I tightened the drag to turn the fish and pop, its off.


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    Move up to the 8000 and run some 40-50 lb braid on it. 80 is way too heavy for a 4000, even if you had no backing at all on that reel you could not have had 150 yards on it. An 8000 sized reel should hold about 225-250 yards of 50. Your catch out there will more than likely be Mahi, Bf Tuna, maybe a hooter or a King. Either way more line is much better to have than heavier line. You only need to be running about 8-10 lbs of drag on those fish, any more will result in pulled hooks and lost fish. Hope this helps.
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