Action Craft just RIPPED ME OFF!

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I placed my order for a 2012 Action Craft Flyfisher 1622 in July 2011. I found out a few weeks ago from the owner (Paul Guard) of Flatsmaster Marine LLC that he has been trying to sell his company for the last year and a half.
Flatsmaster Marine LLC builder of “Action Craft, Coastline & Coastal Bay Boats” has had no factory, no workers, and no capabilities to build a boat in all that time.
Flatsmaster Marine LLC is just a “shell” of a company, ONE BIG SCAM!
You can go on Acton Craft website, get a call from Paul Guard (one of the most dishonest men that ever walked the face of this earth) he will take your “order” and your “deposit” and he will B.S. you from that point on, with no intentions of building your boat.
Take advise from a guy that is out over 12K and is dragging Mr. Paul Guard’s butt to court,


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    Dang, someone was just asking about a use AC boat....
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    That sucks ! I have the same boat that you ordered (2001) and I like it. I've been wondering about the non-participation to this forum by them for awhile now.
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    I saw your thread on THT, what a terrible situation. Feel for ya brotha.
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    Any update or response from AC? Hope this gets resolved for you.
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    Islandia wrote: »

    a 2year old thread bump. :huh
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    Islandia wrote: »

    come on do tell your story
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    They are under new ownership and building bad *** boats again. I just purchased a 2014 Action Craft 1720 and love it!! Best flats boat i have ever owned. Give Chad a call ,he is the new owner and will build you a boat of your dreams or find a local dealer. You wont be sorry.
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    Hard to trust a company that cheated me out of my money before....ok, it is under new ownership but I still have hard feelings about thousands of dollars lost!
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