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10k The Last Couple Weekends

Hey guys,

I haven't posted in a WHILE and barely have time to browse around here anymore, but there doesn't seem to be enough action around here so this my report from the last couple weekends. Fished 3/3 and it was howling, but found plenty of quite water in the backcountry and caught about 10 redfish of all sizes from 16"-28.5" and well as a handfull of small to slot sized trout and about 20 snook. No snook bigger than 22" Though. I also got a black drum on my flyrod which was a first


Also fished this last Saturday with good results. After fixing a blown tire on the way over, my brother had a 30+" snook in the boat within a half an hour. We'd been catching alot of tiny snook on recent trips, but this trip only yeilded about 6. We did see a half dozen or so more big fish in an area which was very nice to see. We also managed 3 slot reds and a limit of trout.



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