WMA Bassin'

A couple of weeks back I shot up to scout a WMA I was not familiar with. I noticed there were some ponds on the ariels so I brought the canoe with me, and an assortment of Beetlespins, and my secret weapon. A couple of small shallow running crankbaits. I was hoping for some panfish, but the bass bite was so good I couldn't stop. I caught 9 bass in about 2 hours. lost a few lunkers, and was able to boat this beauty. Fishing with a smaller freshwater spinning out fit with 6lb test. The fish measured in at 24 inches with out pinching the tail. she was a toad in my book since I don't bass fish often.


  • OysterbottomboyOysterbottomboy Posts: 414 Officer
    Nice! I was planning on trying that on a local WMA around me, now i definitely am!
  • lookinlookin Posts: 1,271 Officer
    That's a dandy! Guessing 5-6 lbs.

    I have been meaning to fish those lakes also. Seen a guy in there regularly who seemed pretty serious. I wonder if that's where trotsky was. Don't ask, don't tell. lol
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  • wilburzwilburz Posts: 954 Officer
    nice looking bass!

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  • RollinRollin Posts: 1,541 Captain
    Good work !!!
  • Captain Shane ProcellCaptain Shane Procell Posts: 371 Officer
    Thats a very nice fish and I dig the canoe!
  • TuckerTucker Posts: 126 Officer
    awesome catch! is it legal to fish all WMAs?
  • PONCEPONCE Posts: 5,943 Officer
    Nice bucketmouth for sure :beer
  • Capt. Kevin BrotzCapt. Kevin Brotz Posts: 726 Officer
    Good Going! Some WMA's hold a lot of big fish that never get fished, got get'm!!
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  • BmillerBmiller Posts: 36 Deckhand
    always nice when a plan comes together, huh
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