5-28 PB Cobia

First of all i want to say that I hate that I had to re-register for the forum and I don't like the new format at all. Ok, I'm done complaining for now, on to the report.

got a call from Jerry on thursday to head out and put some fish in the freezer. My inshore spots hadn't been producing so we decided to head out about 25 miles to at least put some AJs in the cooler. Surface temp was 82 but the nasty algae bloom is still out there creating a thermacline. On the bottom in 65' it was around 75 degrees. Gags are thicker than I have ever seen them in the area. If I was allowed to shoot 30 for myself over 25" I could have shot my limit.

After making two dives already Jerry had only one tank left so I decided to drop in on one of my #s to investigate. I rolled in and as soon as I cleared the murky algae bloom I looked down to see a field of legal gags, schools of Ajs , baitfish and all kinds of other life. The thing that immediately caught my attention though was a big cobia.

I kicked towards him as he circled, lined up, crossed my fingers and let her fly. When I pulled the trigger I didn't realize how big he was. When I realized that the shaft slammed home just behind the pec fin I gripped my gun tight and hung on for the ride. These fish are seriously just tanks. After being drug on a straight rocket ride for about 100 yeards he started circling and moving up and down in the column. This was apparently enough to get the attention of a 500lb Jewfish who decided that he wanted to make dinner out of my little cobia. I grabbed the line with my left hand and swam at the hebrew with the gun in my right. After waving the kill spike on my Rhino in his face he realized that I wanted the fish a lot more than he did. I was finally able to reload my spare shaft and slammed another one into the cobia's side. This took a lot of the fight out of him and I was finally able to drive the kill spike home for the win. I hit the surface and commenced to do the happy swim.

Back on the boat we realied just how big he was.

We didn't have a scale, but I measured him and he went 56". I looked it up and that puts him somewhere over 60lbs.


My total for the day was two nice snapper (18 and 20"), three hogs (around 15"), one mackeral and a 48" AJ.



That being said this gag closure is rediculous. I had just shot one of my snapper and had the free shaft in my hand. As i went to reload it a gag around 26" decided that he wanted to occupy the crack where the snaopper were just 5 feet away from me. I didn't want him to run the snapper out so I swam over to try and make him move. He actually let me get close enough to poke him with the shaft in my hand. I don't know how many other gag's (well over 22") just swam along with me not even bothered by me being there. Good thing they are endangered.


  • saltydog7seassaltydog7seas Posts: 41 Greenhorn
    And I got my first big megaladon tooth diving off of Venice a couple of weeks ago.

  • bearohsbearohs Posts: 166 Officer
    I thought AJS were closed? they were 2 weeks ago.
  • Reel-LuckyReel-Lucky Oldsmar, FLPosts: 3,077 Moderator
    Way cool Mike, good to see you back, was wondering if the girls told you no more FS Forum. LOL. great report.
  • JimJim Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    Nice Cobia. I can only imagine how exhilarating that must have been.
    AJ's are closed June and July.
    Edit: My bad, I didn't see the date...
  • Reel-LuckyReel-Lucky Oldsmar, FLPosts: 3,077 Moderator
    bearohs wrote: »
    I thought AJS were closed? they were 2 weeks ago.
    5/28, hello, get in the game.
  • pupraiserpupraiser Posts: 10,261 AG
    Jim wrote: »
    Nice Cobia. I can only imagine how exhilarating that must have been.
    AJ's are closed June and July. You may want to "release" the ones you have in the pics. :shrug

    I think the 5-28 in the post title meant May 28th report.
  • saltydog7seassaltydog7seas Posts: 41 Greenhorn
    Yeah, this was May 28th. I tried posting the report but that was when the forum was down. After a few says I just gave up and then when I went to log back in I had to re-register.

    The girls have been great, I haven't been yelled at too much lately, lol. I just haven't been getting out very much. With the grouper out and now the AJs it's just getting harder to justify spending the money on gas. I would love to make one grounds run while the ARS are in though. The next thing on my wish list is a middlegrounds hogfish in the double digits. I got to dive out there once before and it was impressive.
  • johnDjohnD WC FLPosts: 6,401 Admiral
    dang son !! that tooth is impressive , cobe ain't bad either.
  • bearohsbearohs Posts: 166 Officer
    Reel-Lucky wrote: »
    5/28, hello, get in the game.

    hello, no reason to be a schmuck.. like everyone else, I didnt see the date..
  • SloughSlough S.w. Ga./ St. JamesPosts: 4,804 Captain
    Great Cobia :beer
    I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you
  • Reel-LuckyReel-Lucky Oldsmar, FLPosts: 3,077 Moderator
    bearohs wrote: »
    hello, no reason to be a schmuck.. like everyone else, I didnt see the date..

    No, you and Jim didn't see the date, at least Jim edited his. You, however, chose to be keyboard FWC guy/hall monitor and infer his AJs were harvested out of season, tacitly calling him out.
    Didn't mean to be a schmuck, sorry if you took it that way.
  • GEOGEO Posts: 33 Deckhand
    Great cobia and awesome tooth
  • LilcthefishslayerLilcthefishslayer Posts: 611 Officer
  • sharkatak1089sharkatak1089 Posts: 6,407 Officer
    H3ll of a cobe, sweet tooth!
    I am choice.
    Please don't try to interject with reason, it only further confuses the matter.
  • saltydog7seassaltydog7seas Posts: 41 Greenhorn
    Thanks guys. That was the biggest cobia I have ever seen in a boat so I was definetely a happy camper. The Venice trip was the first time I had ever dove for shark's teeth. I didn't get a lot but that one made my day.
  • flaswimbaiterflaswimbaiter Posts: 123 Officer
    Huge cobia and awesome tooth!
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