Banana river 3/10

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I was double booked today, sort of. My freind John came down from Ontario and I'd already made plans with Mr. Adam Sanderson, so all of us hit the water this morning at about 8am. We started seeing fish right off the bat and it wasn't long before Adam hooked his very first redfish on fly tackle. The pictures are great, and just thought I'd share. It's great to see an 11yr old that has no love for video games, and would rather spend time at the vise than in front of a TV.




  • Luftwaffe1989Luftwaffe1989 Posts: 170 Officer
    That's freaking awesome, I salute you and the boy for the awesome job you guys did!
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  • Elk ChaserElk Chaser Posts: 173 Deckhand
    Great seeing a young one getting into flyfishing.
  • snookcooksnookcook Posts: 229 Officer
    Awesome, After that I am sure he is an angler for life.
  • saltybumsaltybum Posts: 1,572 Captain
    Fanstatic! great photos too.
    One of my most memorable fishing trips was when I took a 14 year old to the beach and watched him catch a 34" snook. His first and they were still legal that year. Got a great picture too but it's an old film shot.

    You are pretty good at putting people on their first fly reds. :thumbsup
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    WTG Bill & nice pics.
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  • Ol'DirtyCasterOl'DirtyCaster Posts: 2,289 Captain
    snookcook wrote: »
    Awesome, After that I am sure he is an angler for life.

    He's already shown a level of commitment that surpasses alot of much older anglers. He never misses a tying function at the shop, he works on his casting daily (he's already better than alot of guys my age), and he's already built his first fly rod. The kid is a force of nature, of course I'll take him fishing!!
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    Were you wading from a skiff or from shore? Planning to give the area a try and dont know if I should just bring my kayak for NMZ fishing or take my skiff. My buddy wants to take both but I think that might be biting off more than we can chew for the first trip.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • SUPER DSUPER D Posts: 661 Officer
    Awesome, the smile on his face that no game can produce. Nice first Red.
  • jumboshrimpjumboshrimp Posts: 820 Officer
    Awesome! big smile in both pictures. great job to both of you :thumbsup bottom pic should be in the magazine for sure
  • ultramanultraman Posts: 39 Deckhand
    Way to go!
  • yakeyake Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    no lack of enthusiasm in that face...
  • TexTex Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    That is freaking awesome ODC!!!!
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