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B2B/Direct Sales Opportunity

*** update 11/24/2013 ***

This is it, folks. Thanksgiving is upon us and you know what that means... Christmas is near.

Are you ready?

Did you take the action necessary in order to be ready for the Holidays?


Are you still sitting on your butt hoping to just get thru until the new year, thinking to yourself "2014 will be different!".

Yeah right.

Do something now and just get that thought out of your head because you already know what is going to happen. Take some action and make it happen today and make 2014 DIFFERENT.

We pay within 24hrs of any sale you make and the recurring commissions are for the life of the account. Think of this for a second: your immediate focus may be on making sales and creating income for Christmas, but by the time new year rolls around you will ALREADY be positioned with new revenue coming in each month.

Read thru that last 11/15/2013 update and let it sink in. We have an excellent sales system that removes any anxiety or reluctance you might have and allows you to reach into the marketplace and make some sales TODAY.

If you have read this ad before and just weren't sure about it, I encourage you to get in touch with me sometime this week. Yes, you will need to put in effort but what you will not have is those limiting beliefs that hold you back from doing the things necessary to make success happen.

*** End of Update ***

*** update 11/15/2013 ***
We brought in a professional sales consultant/trainer in to help us build an effective phone prospecting approach and it has been well worth that investment. Now there is a very clear and systematic method to generating business that we will help you get going with.

This is not simply a phone script, we will teach you how to start and have a conversation with prospective customers, eliminate any call reluctance you may have or have had in the past, and even show you how to get gatekeepers to actually help you through to connect with the decision maker.

Also, I will personally run any demonstrations or online meetings (GoToMeeting session) you setup with prospects and it will not affect your full commission.

We have completely redesigned the front-end site that is compliant with all major web browsers and the the actual SaaS application is very slick and easy to use. Please have a look and see the changes, including a testimonial from one of our clients.


I am available to discuss this opportunity with you today. Please first shoot me an email if you intend to call me though, that way I can fire up the GoToMeeting ahead of time and be ready to demo the SaaS.

Or if you'd just like a look at the commission schedule then I will reply to your email.

*** End of Update ***

(this is a SaaS/Cloud software solution that our customers pay a monthly subscription for. We offer several price points depending upon the number of appointment reminders they need to send out each month. The commission are for the life of the customer)

The time and effort to build the lead list is already done for you (I am personally spending 15-20hrs each week). I truly need someone to call on these offices and simply extend them an invitation to join the weekly GoToMeeting sessions where I demo the system. If there ever was a "sales job" that doesn't require you to sell anything, then this is it folks. It is an incredibly passive approach and merely requires one to have some initiative and a good personality.

Leads, phone script for you to use (or not) and other materials available. I can generate the lead list for any state you wish, this is great option because if you can only work between 5-8pm EST then I will provide a list of offices in California or any area in the Pacific time zone.

MovilExchange.com is currently seeking experienced sales professionals. We offer a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product, and market to local businesses that generate revenue from customers/clients showing up to their scheduled appointments.

MovilExchange.com is a SMS/Text delivery over web service that makes it easy and efficient for businesses to send out appointment reminders via SMS/Text message to their customers. Medical and dental offices, attorneys, real estate professionals, hair salons are all the types of businesses that are interested in this service. We also offer solutions for other types of businesses that would like to implement an SMS/Text based marketing campaign.

What you can expect:
•Very attractive/aggressive 1st commission on initial sale, followed by recurring commissions for the life of the customer.
•A technology-centric business culture that is responsive to the customer’s wants, needs and desires. That is, we are an AGILE development shop that is nimble to design and implement enhancements to our web technologies.
•Non-compete from home office. That is, no direct sales from our website or offices. All sales are generated by the sales force we have selected.
•You agree to and sign our salesperson agreement.
•This is a direct sales opportunity. There is no opportunity for you to recruit others or otherwise earn commissions off of others.
•Expansion into Lat/Am in 6-12 months.

Our expectations:
•Work independently without direction, yet able to produce results
•You can cultivate leads and close them by your own efforts and expense.
•You can maintain a professional, customer service-focused relationship for the life of the customer (affects your recurring commissions).
•You can learn to use, or currently use WebEx, GoToMeeting or some form of online conference tool in an effective and proficient manner.
•You can determine the most effective sales copy. We will offer some suggestions, but it will be up to you to tweak the copy.
•We would like to conduct introductory interviews over video conference.

Please send an introductory email to either of the addresses below. We will also try to answer any questions you may have regarding this sales opportunity.

[email protected]
[email protected]
B2B/Direct Sales Opportunity for SaaS/Cloud Software.



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