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Bass from Pond Spawn Searching the Past Few Days

Had some free time this week and decided to do a bunch of pond searching, its my favorite time of year to find new ponds by sighting out bass on beds. After doing some scouting on google earth I headed to an area with several ponds that looked promising. The first pond I got to was very large and featureless with gradual drop offs by the shore. Saw a couple bass busting up bait but no beds. Next pond got a non-spawning 2 on the ultralight with a small white fluke. Saw a few beds with some small ones on them so headed to the next pond.

Next pond I get to looked pretty nice from shore, on the very small side in size. No real features but good water quality and a "checkerboard" bottom with grass and hydrilla with sand patches/old beds. Walked around and saw stumps and limbs, a very good looking rockpile, a very large culvert with cover around it, a cove with a very shallow spawning flat, and then another cove with an extreme drop off to 5ft+ 3ft off shore. Water is slightly tannic but pretty dang clear. Went across the road to get some small bluegill.

Gosh this would be a long story, but in short saw a male 3lb locked on with a bigger female outside. After trying a bunch of things I walked around the pond to see if there were other big ones on beds. Got to a corner and saw a 3 or so on a bed. Cast at in the bed and saw a bigger female come at my lure. Quickly pulled the male out around 3lbs lure right by a stump in the bed, then got the female 7.25 shortly after both on a small white fluke. Went back to the other bed and decided to first pull the male off. After that the female locked on probably 8+, got it to bite but pulled the hook a few seconds after I set it. Ran out of light before I could get it to commit again, was nipping still though.

The next day she wasn't there but got some other ones, mostly using first a live bluegill to fire them up then putting a split shot on and putting the dying bluegill in their bed. Got a few 5s by spotting them when I was walking around, then coming back half an hour later and blindcasting a live bluegill at their bed with a soft splash, got immediately bit on them. The 8 and a 6 in the pictures are from a new pond I found today, the 8 bit before the male did and I think a 6 from the other pond did also. That pond is on the large side with about fifteen million tilapia in it but a lot of bass on beds also. Average water quality, kind of checkerboard bottom with a zillion tilapia beds all over the place, overall rather featureless, few features. Walked around 4-5 other ponds the last couple days that I didn't see any beds on, mostly really retention-y/dead kind of looking,featureless,and saw no life.

8lb 2oz


7lb 4oz


6.25 or so



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