Wheel Bearing Grease

ShelShel Posts: 1,044 Officer
Is your product number: #26016 the good red stuff?


  • BillatstarbriteBillatstarbrite Posts: 511 Officer
    Yes, it is; 16 tub of the red stuff. It's also avaialble in a 14 oz cartridge and 3 oz cartridges.
  • acesoveracesover Posts: 552 Officer
    If I want to switch over to your grease, would I have to remove the bearings, clean them and re-pack with the new grease?
  • BillatstarbriteBillatstarbrite Posts: 511 Officer
    Unless you really want to get uber-obsessive, I don't see why - I just give my trailer bearings a squirt of the new stuff every time I service the bearings. I don't know what WBG was in there originally (it's a Performance Trailer so no way to find out now) but I've never had any problems using the Star brite lube on top of what was in there.
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