Calstar GF700L
Calstar GFX700L
Seeker GTS70L

I am kicking around the idea of using one of these blanks for a new build. It will primarly be used for inlet fishing, and medium duty offshore bottom fishing. Anyone here have experience with these particular blanks?


  • REELEMINREELEMIN Posts: 174 Officer
    what reel do you plan on using?.. im more of a calstar fan but that seeker is a great rod also.. you will not be disapointted with eather one..
  • Capt.AWCapt.AW Posts: 935 Officer
    Penn torque 200. I am sure I'd be happy with either of them as well....I just want to touch them first before I make a decision.
  • REELEMINREELEMIN Posts: 174 Officer
    the only thing i dont like about the calstars is the butt diameter is pretty big.. i like the gf700l becasue of the fast action better for casting and it will have a more sensitive tip good for feeling the lighter bites like snappers.. but if your just bottom fishing then the slower actoin of the gfx is pretty nice it would be good for the larger fish like the groupers.. im a fan of fast actions. they uasally have a stiffer back bone.

    the good thing about the seeker is the smaller diameter of the blank and it also has a moderate to fast action..and lighter wieght.. it might be the way to go for what you want to do..
  • Capt. Kevin BrotzCapt. Kevin Brotz Posts: 728 Officer
    I'd go with the 700L, out of those. My preference is the Batson rclb70xl. It is insanely like, very nice tip, and a backbone that will stop anything. We use them in BG for 200+lb tarpon and then turn around and use them in the keys for yellowtail, the tip is that soft.
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