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Interesting wildlife sighting in the 10K

I was out fishing recently, and saw something unusual in the water south of Marco. I went to check it out and saw this bobcat swimming fairly far from shore between islands. There's always something new to see out there!





  • CaptvinceCaptvince Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    Great pics! It is absolutely amazing the things that you can see out there. I wonder what I will see on every trip.

    Take Care,

  • snookaffinitysnookaffinity Naples, FLPosts: 1,179 Officer
    Thanks for sharing.
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  • Pucker FactorPucker Factor Posts: 875 Officer
    Did you give him a lift or just let him struggle his way to shore?
  • tailchaser16tailchaser16 Posts: 655 Officer
    I've seen one across the channel while cleaning fish at the Glades Haven cleaning station. Your's is better though.
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,973 Captain
    One week after Katrina passed by almost six years ago we came across one swimming across the Little Shark River... figured he got displaced by the storm. We got within just feet of him and he completely ignored us.
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  • perseverance32perseverance32 Posts: 52 Deckhand
    Great pictures.....Thanks.
  • SnookflySnookfly Posts: 26 Greenhorn
    Pucker Factor: He/she was really moving. I was really surprised how fast it could swim. It sure didn't need any help from me! It could swim about as fast as a human. I followed it for a little while, then let it be.

    Capt. Bob: I fished with you this March for tarpon out of Flamingo, and you told me your bobcat story that day. You were the first person I thought of when I saw it.
  • SnookMagnetSnookMagnet Posts: 122 Deckhand
    That is awesome. What a beautiful animal.
  • Pucker FactorPucker Factor Posts: 875 Officer
    Totally different thread had he come in your boat. This thread is good, but imagine the thread had he come in the boat. Next time make it happen.

  • BobberBobber Posts: 943 Officer
    Who posted the pix of the black bear swimming across Dismal Key pass some years ago....or was that BDH taking a swim????
  • Snook69Snook69 Posts: 128 Deckhand
    That's pretty **** cool. Never seen that before. Wonder if he's eating those raccoons out there. Not much meat on those dudes! Gotta keep on keep on. Always wondered if someone ever saw a panther on Panther Key. Guess them cats can swim. Great pictures!
  • SnookflySnookfly Posts: 26 Greenhorn
    A few years back, I had a raccoon buddy. He would show up on the shore line at a particular island near where I saw the bobcat almost every time I was working it. He would walk along the shore and go out on every overhanging branch to get closer to me. Sometimes he would be within a foot of my boat, and I had the feeling he would jump in if given a chance! I was too chicken to let that happen. Maybe other fishermen fed him. Anyway, he stopped showing up one day. Could have been a million things that did him in, but I think Mr. bobcat may have gotten him.

  • ChuddybuckrivetChuddybuckrivet Posts: 3,156 Officer
  • CaptCapeCoralCaptCapeCoral Posts: 137 Officer
    Very cool pics, Thanks
  • 10kman10kman Posts: 672 Officer
    Saw two bobcats this spring.First one on a island in Rookery Bay early am.
    At first,thought it was a large tomcat and then it jumped to a mangrove branch
    about six ft.away.That's no house cat,no small cat can do that!
    The other was the POI channel.He was walking along the shoreline at low
    tide also early am.
  • BWFLUBWFLU Posts: 29 Greenhorn
    WOW to cool thanks for posting.
  • PONCEPONCE Posts: 5,946 Admiral
    That is a great pic my man, glad you took the time to take a pic or three:beer Where do you think he was heading and did you stay there long enough to find out????
  • SnookflySnookfly Posts: 26 Greenhorn
    Hey Ponce:

    Thanks for the kind words. Even though it looks like he's heading to Key West, the pictures are a little misleading. He was heading to an island about 1/4 mile away, and was making great time. I watched him from varying distances, and he eventually made it to the other side. Here's a crappy pic of him on the other side.

  • mako191mako191 Posts: 55 Deckhand
    can bobcats drive boats ? I thinkhe would empty the boat if he was aboard.
  • seachasseachas Posts: 66 Deckhand
    troy says ""choot em, choot em"" wooo!!! thats a good un''
  • crcattypccrcattypc Posts: 632 Officer
    Those sure do taste good... almost as good as a Fl Panther, Manatee, Spotter Owl, or my fav, the bald eagle! Cast net it next time and see where that gets ya
  • gatormarkgatormark Posts: 2,240 Officer
    They can run like they swim.........fast. We jumped one **** hunting the squares one night and played hell getting in front of it to cut off the dogs. They do play hell with turkeys though, had to take on out this spring. I would start to call a bit around daylight and I could hear the hens behind me raising hell on the roost, they could see the cat coming down the grove middle. Hated to but this guy was making it a habit so I did him in one afternoon. Great shots though, thanks for posting.
  • In Too DeepIn Too Deep Posts: 124 Deckhand
    **** global warming and melting ice caps are causing the cats to take to the water:rolleyes:.

    Awesome pics! I never get tired of the nature in FL.
  • The Cat's EyeThe Cat's Eye Posts: 1,481 Officer
    Ain't that the truth. I keep my distance from wildlife now days after a couple of close calls:

    I once came across a huge 8 foot Eastern Diamond Back swimming across a small bay in Hell's Bay. I instructed the young Capt to motor over to it in his brand new 16 ft Silver King for a photo. When we got about 20 feet from this huge serpent the 16 yo Capt. shut off the engine without warning. (We had been having starting problems with his engine all day long, so this was not a wise move). As soon as the engine was shut down, the snake did a 90 degree turn. In just seconds, the snake closed the distance between us. I threw a soda can at it and that did not slow it down one bit. Then as it reached the boat I grabbed the only loose item in my reach, which was the seat cushion I was sitting on, and used it to block it from coming into the boat. Naturally I was screaming at the top of my lungs for the young Capt to re-start the old POS engine his dad put on his son's new boat. This snake was 8 feet in length (No exaggeration here) and had 20 segments on its rattle that I had counted a few minutes earlier. That snake had absolutely no fear, what so ever, of us. It tried its best to get around the cushion in my hands, but I blocked it successfully several times. As soon as the engine fired up the snake did another 90 degree turn and resumed its original course like nothing happened.

    Nice photo's of the Bob Cat.
  • Snook69Snook69 Posts: 128 Deckhand
    Lol thats a great story! Sounds like that snake was pretty tired and looking for the nearest solid ground. Wouldn't be coming in my boat either.
  • The Cat's EyeThe Cat's Eye Posts: 1,481 Officer
    Not sure about the snake being tired, but that is probably the only rational explanation. The bay it was crossing was only 150 yards wide (I just measured it on Google Earth) and it was more than half way across. So it was an old and tired snake capable of killing us both. BTW this was not far from the Hell's Bay Chickee; how would you like to wake up and see that in front of your face, when you poked your head out of your tent.
  • hurricane59hurricane59 Posts: 13 Greenhorn
    interesting stories... thanks for sharing... the beauty of the cat came through in all four of the photos...
  • Broward LawmanBroward Lawman Posts: 72 Deckhand
    Whats the size limit on Bobcats?

    And can you catch them on a Fly? I'm guessing a bass fly tied like a mouse would be most effective....

    Do you need a Stamp like for Tarpon?

    Great photos.

  • locoloco Posts: 1,294 Officer
    Two words... Cast Net!
  • PopeyePopeye Posts: 14,296 AG
    Gives new meaning to the term dogpaddle. Thanks for sharing.
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