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best outdoor camera and lens for under $600

bonebone Posts: 1,154 Officer
Looking for birthday present for daughter. does not like point and shoot anymore and wants to take mostly wildlife photos. Any advice?


  • ChuckcChuckc Posts: 4,398 Captain
    Wildlife photography can easily lead to NAS or the Canon equivalent quickly. If you are looking at new and Nikon you are looking at a d3100 with 18-55 kit lens and maybe a 55-200 VR to go with it. It's not a bad place to start at all.
  • WaterEngineerWaterEngineer Posts: 24,415 AG
    You need to increase your budget and the 55-200 is not near enough lens for wildlife and birding.

    I agree with the D3100 which will set you back about $550, with the 18-55 kit lens. The non-VR 70-300 would be better and these days can be found for about $150. However, if there is desire for the 70-300 VR model, and I would suggest this lens, then the cost is another $550 or so.

    Can you get awa with used equipment? If so, then go to KEH.com. very reliable.
  • FlashFlash Posts: 11,211 AG
    Also Cameta Auctions on eBay for the Camera. She really needs no more than a 10 meg if you get a good lens.

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