Destin Rodeo 2012 Captains Calcutta/jackpots

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The Rodeo has paid some decent money out the last couple of years thanks to help from BP but thats likely soon coming to an end so its likely back to $200 and $100 gift certificates with the only cash awards being AJ award 3k,2k,1k 1st-3rd biggest Ajs and an open King Jackpot($100 entry fee) .Im a private captain that has fished the Rodeo since 2009 and have enjoyed it but have always wished for better prize money for the other species in my divsion so this year I decided to be the squeaky wheel and joined the Rodeo rules committee and have proposed calcuttas for all 10 species in the and under Division and 26ft.and over Divisions with entry fee of $60 per fish or $500 puts you in all 10 species(saves $100) with a payout of 2 places paying 60% for 1st and 40% for 2nd.Theres Trout and Redfish for small boats and plenty of bottom species as well as king and spanish too. We had 111 boat in the 25ft.11in and under, 97 in 26ft and over and 97 charter boats in it last year so if we get near those numbers again I believe we could have some decent money to fish for.The proposal is up for review now but there are some doubting enough boats would participate, if your interested in fishing the rodeo this year please email the Destin Rodeo at [email protected] to express your interest or respond here with your thoughts
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