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Had A Very Carppy Day : )

Decided yesterday to go pick up a half dozen domestic shiners and cast them out while I sit on the bait bucket and study. Stopped at a pond where I felt I had my best chances and was talking to a very friendly person that lived in the apartment complex by the pond. We were sharing fish stories when someone who presumably worked there walked up to us and told us fishing is not allowed. We were both in shock, then noticed the new signs around the pond "No Swimming, No Fishing." Great, I really liked that pond. Sure is fun finding a decent pond in the middle of metropolis : \

Anyway, packed my stuff up and headed to one of my favorite ponds. I have only seen 1 bass locked on a bed there so far so I rocked up to a cypress tree with beds beneath it not expecting to see much. In the distance I saw some fish, so I grabbed a shiner freelined and cast out. I could make out about a 3 and possibly a 6 with it, 10 seconds after I cast I get bit and pulled in a 1.5-2. I think this spooked the other 2 fish because they were gone. Long story short, I would leave that spot for awhile and come back to see if they came back on the bed but no go. Same story at a bed by a culvert on the other side, not sure but thought I saw a big tail in the dark water, but never saw again and again pulled a 1.5-2 from around that area.

Anyway, I wasn't getting my hopes up so I decided to "chum" (i normally don't do this at this pond) with bread to see if i could fire the baitfish up and in turn attract bass. Sidenote: Snag hooked my biggest non-native Pleco around this time, 6lbs. Well the baitfish weren't having the bread so I scratched that off. But a little while later I thought I heard something, looked where the bread had drifted and saw a good sized wake. Found out it was a couple carp, one very good one, and seeing that they were taking the bread decided my chances were very good at hooking one. Didn't have great bread for floating but grabbed quarter slices without balling up at all and just put them on the hook as is so they'd float. Kept throwing them off/having some sink but eventually got a good one out floating in the right area, saw a carp come up and take it off the surface, and set the hook. Beat my previous personal best of 14 lbs

Pictures (25lb 2oz, 40in, need to double check my scale for pessimism at this weight though)



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