Walker/Redbone Coonhound mix

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Selling this for my sister. Its a good little pup but she is being forced to find it a new home. Dog is located in Clermont, Florida which is near Orlando. Travel to Tampa, and Daytona often so can work something out.

Lady is 3 months old. She is a wonderful puppy. She is up to date on all her vaccines and has a year contract with a vet that is a large company with many locations. She is potty trained and currently in a training class. She needs a good home with space to play outside as to the fact she has a lot of energy. Coonhounds are estimated to be 50-70 lbs so please don’t offer to adopt her unless you are wanting a large dog.
She loves other dogs and people! She also lives with a cat now and gets along however she a bit playful so your cat would have to handle it.
She is not yet fixed; however, her spaying is included in the vet plan. So that will be no additional charge. Neither will the rest of the vaccines she needs for the year. Lady has a large crate that needs to go with her. As well as:
Food Dish
Retractable Leash
I’m asking $100 for her considering it will cost much more for me to pay off the rest of the vet contract for you. This can be discussed.

For any questions feel free to email me at [email protected] or contact me on forum.





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