Re-doing my trailer with Made in China parts

SpinfisherSpinfisher Posts: 756 Officer
Every winter, I service my boat trailers by changing hubs if needed, repacking bearings, lights. etc.

Well.. this year I needed to change the springs, bunks, u-bolts and bunks on one of my trailers and off I went to buy the parts at the trailer store. I had the trailer shope replace the springs for me, which say Made in China. The Hubs, bunks and U Bolts that I bought to do them myself are all Made in China.

As I was tightening the new U Bolts that hold the new trailer bunks, the thread on four of the eight U Bolts broke and they were stripped during installation.

I was turned off about all the parts being Made in China, and when the U-Bolts stripped and broke, I was pissed off. Going back today to return the bolts and exchange them for a better quality set...probably Made in China!

How sad to see all our manufacturing gone away fom the US....


  • chucks21capehorn+chucks21capehorn+ Posts: 518 Officer
    I agree the only problem is where can you get good USA parts anymore... my 2002 Magic tilt original trail bearings lasted 8 years... I replaced my drum breaks with disk a few years back and the bearing I bought from a local trailer shop went bad in 2 years.... yes China bearings suck
  • Renagade69Renagade69 Posts: 1,230 Officer
    There are plenty available. Make sure your local shop knows you are not buying their junk .
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  • SCFD rtrd.SCFD rtrd. Posts: 1,382 Officer
    Long story, but I'll make it short. Went to NAPA to buy bearings for my trailer. They had Chinese bearings for about $32 for two sets. Next to that I found made in America bearings that were cheaper, about $26 for two sets. I asked the guy at the counter why American bearings were cheaper. He looked puzzled, then started looking at the packages. Then he says,"look at the bearings, they say made in China". I say, "I'm confused". Then he says, "they can advertise made in America if a certain amount of the goods are made in the USA". So, I guess the seals were made in the USA, the bearings and cones in China, and they were packaged in America. It sucks, so buyer beware.

    NAPA does sell Tempkin (I think I spelled that right) bearings and I think they are made in America. They don't come in a blister pack like the Chinese stuff. You have to buy them separately, so bring your old bearings, cones, and seals to they can match the parts.
  • Tom FoleyTom Foley Posts: 111 Officer
    Good thread , contact local bearing and power transmission businesses that carry quality bearings such as Timken ,etc and you will be surprised at the reasonable prices for better products .

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