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Patriot Sporting Goods

Patriot Sporting Goods is a new store in Citrus Springs that is having their grand opening this Saturday starting at 11 am. What makes this store so special is this store is owned and staffed by veterans, for veterans. To quote direct from their website

"Patriot Sporting Goods is a nonprofit sporting goods store located in Citrus Springs, Fl. All proceeds generated will employ a disabled veteran or veteran in need at Patriot Sporting Goods. We carry a full line of fresh water and salt water equipment, MSG free jerky and hunting equipment"

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 11 am - 4 pm will be hosting our Grand Opening, stop in and visit the store, check out our lines of hunting, fishing equipment and jerky. There will be a dedication of the store and it's mission to the veterans of our nation. The dedication ceremony will begin at 1 pm. There will be plenty of free food, military colorguard, county commissioners amd local veterans organizations will be on hand as well.

I am a guide in SW Florida and a Pro Staff Member for the SFVU Business Group which is also veteran owned and very involved with the opening of this new store. I will be up to help with the opening and hope to meet any of you who stop by. The address is
760 W. Hampshire Blvd, Citrus Springs, Fl. 34434. We are at the corner of 491 and W. Hampshire Blvd in Citrus Springs.

If you get a chance please try to support them and what they are trying to do. Its a great idea, and theres few better causes. Hope to see you all there.
Capt Charlie Phillips
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  • Moon ShadowMoon Shadow Posts: 979 Officer
    Sound very good. If I lived close to it, it would get my business.
  • hotrailshotrails Posts: 440 Deckhand
    Thanks for information ,pass by this corner often, will have to make it a point to stop in
  • blewitupsirblewitupsir Posts: 774 Officer
    No problem, do yall think I should also post this in the west section? I am not up that way to much and don't exactly know where the line of big bend/west meets.
    http://hopefishing.comFishing the Florida Everglades National Park with Hope Fishing Adventures.
  • hotrailshotrails Posts: 440 Deckhand
    I stopped in an Met with the Capt , had good conversation ,the store has quite an inventory and Capt said they will be adding more, kind of busy saturday , wanted to look more at Cabo reels in stock, I had to get in and out before the commissioners came out and give speeches, store good location.lots of parking ,going to change hours to Early am as they progress and get set up more and will open at 4 AM, I wish them well as good cause for the Vet's
  • blewitupsirblewitupsir Posts: 774 Officer
    It was a pleasure meeting you as well, and do send me a note on when that static display will be of your pbr. I would love to come over and check it out. As for the store guys give them a chance if you can on your tackle and firearm purchases. They will order any firearm that you want need for very little over cost. They will also recieve in firearms for you using their FFl for a $20.00 fee. In the very near future Patriot Sporting Goods will also be producing firearms in their own shop as well as offering reloaded ammo for sale. Every one of these fuctions will be filled by a veteran. As for the fishing side, they are currently stocking Quantum reels and rods, Kistler rods, Kopper Live Target lures (these are amazing), Lures by strikeking, and many many more products. Again every penny of profit is going to help employ a veteran. So support you local tackle shops, but give these guys a chance when you can and know that your getting great quality items and your money is also going to a great cause.
    http://hopefishing.comFishing the Florida Everglades National Park with Hope Fishing Adventures.
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