Stuart, St. Lucie River Dock Lights, Stuart Causeway Indian River

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New to this Forum & I wanted to start reporting my fly fishing adventures. I am a fishing guide in Stuart, Fl I took a client out Friday to some dock lights in Downtown Stuart. Waited until about 8 pm until the tide really started moving. We pulled up to the first light & the trout were jumping out of the water tearing up shrimp. After we posted up on the light, he put his first cast in. Bam! It gets picked up by a nice 19.5 in trout. We took a few pics an made some more casts. Every cast after that got a hit, but not evey cast did the hook stick. We ended up catching a couple more decent trout & some nice snook. The snook were 27-24 inches. They fought great. Mostly used polar fiber flies. Also had some run in Mr. Blue fish in the lights. Got him on the white clouser. He would not honor the return policy and left with our flies..Twice! We were only using 25 pound tippet, so I guess we deserved it. We had brought some shrimp along for the ride, even though I would rather keep fly fishing, we decided to put them to work & landed four more snook and called it a night. Fished the out going tide around the ten cent bridge.

Yesterday another client got a new 8 wt and wanted me to show him how to double hall, so I took him to one of my local watering holes. After the lesson, we walked out to a little drop off of a sand bar and blind casted for an hour. I was throwing my ten weight like usual. I can throw it better in the wind. Yes I took him to a windy spot..I figured it would make him stronger faster. If he could learn to cast with a stiff ten mph wind in his face. He would do spectacular when the conditions are ideal. Anyways we split up & headed out to the drop off toward the end of some docks. I put one cast in along the outside of the dock line & Bam! I am on. Love it when line starts peeling out of my fingers! Next thing I know it comes flying out of the water.. Nice 20 inch snook! They are so fun. He hit a red/white clouser. By this time it was getting dark & me, I am scared of the shark so we walked back to shore & called it a day. I will be fly fishing on Sat. so I hopefully I will have some fish to report.


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