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Are you aware of the "featherhead" fashion trend?

FreeFlyFreeFreeFlyFree Posts: 121 Deckhand
Hi guys, yesterday went to the fly shop, looking for long grizzly hackle, and the sales rep. told me of this trend that seem to be just starting, hair extensions made with the same feathers that we use, check out this article

Click here for the article: When fashion meets fishing, the feathes fly

I felt as if the feathers were being desecrated :Angry



  • TheUglyFlyTheUglyFly Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    They are charging around $15-30 for those feathers as well. I've somehow landed in the wrong business.
  • idlerickidlerick Littleton, Colorado & Sarasota, FlaPosts: 236 Deckhand
    You're apparently not a regular to the EBay Fly Tying Materials section. I'm seeing top saddles there go for $300-500. The whole section is 75% saddle feathers for hair extensions now. I only wish I had a few complete saddles to sell. Grizzly, dyed in various garish colors, is the most popular, and for some reason the better grade dry fly hackles bring more.
    I was in my local shop recently and he'd just gotten an order in from Tom Whiting, who has refused to sell to the hair salons. So here are 20 capes on the wall priced at $30-$60 that would bring 10X that from hair dressers. He said they won't last a day, that as soon as the word got out someone would run in and buy them all.
    I doubt it will last long. Soon as Beoncy or whomever they're emulating gets on another kick, prices will return to normal.
  • Permit RatPermit Rat Posts: 2,283 Captain
    I lived in the country for most of my youth and in those days of trout fishing and fly tying, I thought I would try to start creating a race of natural blue dun roosters. Hell, it was so long ago that I don't remember the two breeds that one had to mate, in order to achieve even the possibility of this. But they use a lot of blue dun in the East, for various mayfly patterns and a natural cape was 20X what a grizzly or barred rock cape went for, even back in the 60's.

    Here in Mexico, every house outside of the cities, has a few chickens and I can buy a whole skin for less than $5. Cocks are all at least 5 y.o. and have some saddles that approach 10 inches (billfish beware!!) Too bad I don't do that kind of fly fishing anymore. But I have been thinking again, of starting my own brood, just for the smaller saddles that are needed for tarpon flies.
  • Ol'DirtyCasterOl'DirtyCaster Posts: 2,373 Captain
    So far they're leaving my whiting american necks alone, and it's nice to have the occasional hottie visit the shop. Everyone complains about the trend, but I have yet to talk to anyone who has actually been inconvenienced by it. Both Metz and Whiting have both made statements that the trend won't effect pricing.
  • MistermtdMistermtd Steinhatchee Posts: 76 Greenhorn
    This has been going on for a while now. Its really got the dry fly guys worked up over the price of hackle, unless they are selling. its moving into jewelery as well. Great opportunity for tyers to make a few extra bucks selling old salmon/steelie patterns as ear rings. Bob L - a new market for tarpon snakes. Great article on that fly btw.
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