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Cedar Key advice

I am going to Cedar Key for the first time ever in two weeks. Main thing I wanted to know is if there are alot of rocks and such in the area. I normally only fish from Econfina to Steinhatchee and there is a big difference in those two places. I have found my fair share of rocks and would like to not find any in cedar key. Also any fishing tips would be great but the main thing is tips on avoiding boat trouble while there. I am not one to run close to shore but are you pretty safe in 4 foot of water?


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    Well posting in the Big Bend might get you some more answers, but Not alot of rocks out of Cedar Key unless you head east out the Main Ship Channel to the north shores of Waccasassa Bay. Stay in the main marked channels when at lower tides or you may be getting out to push your boat. Atleast it is not rocks. Get outside the islands in 3 to 5 feet for trout. Closer to the islands and grass islands for reds. A Homosassa TOP SPOT map would be a good help.

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