The value of a Canon 5D - LOL

I think most of us will agree this is the value any Canon DSLR - LOL



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    a friend of mine has a coffee holder that looks just like a 28-74 L IS USM....
    i picked it up to look at it 'cause i thought it was the real thing...spilled hot coffee all over myself....

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    If that's really a 5D MkII, that's an expensive camera. It's around the same as my Nikon D700. I wonder how it came to be in such a condition that the owner would use it as an ashtray. I bet it's been dropped badly or damaged and Canon wouldn't repair it under warranty because how it was damaged. The owner probably didn't want to pay what it took to fix it and decided to make some kind of gesture to Canon. Maybe it was submerged.

    I don't know about the 5D MkII, but the older 5D wasn't that robust. It was about the same build level as the 30D and 40D which is very good but nowhere near that of a Canon 1D or Nikon D3 or D700. Don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful camera and I'd love to own one, just commenting on the build and possibly why it was damaged.
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    Lol...that's kinda funny...

    Okay I'll take one for the (Canon) team. I ditched my gazillion-dollar 1Ds series pro-bodies for this 5DII "gem.". Hands-down best camera I've ever used in terms of IQ. Yeah it's definitely not the build of the 1Ds "tanks" or quite the same degree of autofocus qualities, but to be able to crop to insane proportions and still make huge enlargements, shoot a natural-light wedding at 3200-6400 ISO and be able to make stunning 13x19 prints w/no noise reduction, or switch to HD video with a push of a button is an amazing thing to me.

    Thus ends my endorsement FWIW :-D
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