Handle for a shimano reel.

Morning, Out fishing yesterday when my cousin lost my reel handle in the water... You can imagine I wasnt too happy!! The day was already SLOW. Been trying to look up places on line but I havent been able to find one yet. If any of you can help me out that would actually get me in a better nmood! :)



  • BAMFBAMF Posts: 118 Officer
    What make & model? I have a few odds & ends laying around from old shimanos as I am sure other guys do. Might have some luck that way too.
  • corriccorric Posts: 148 Officer
    Its a Sahara 3000 FD... Just bought it 3 weeks ago.
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,194 Captain
    The parts supplier that I use in state is Dave's Parts and Service over in Holiday. Their number is (727) 942-9731 and they'll need make, model, etc. from you when you call in an order. An alternative is to go directly to Shimano America at (877) 577-0600. They'll sell you the part or repair one of their reels (and I've heard good things about their level of service). Don't ask about how long they keep parts for one of their reel models since that's a sore point with me...
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  • corriccorric Posts: 148 Officer
    Thanks for the info!! I ended up going dirrect to Shimano.. Bob thier service was great!! The handle got to my home in 4 days> RC
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