Electric Reel Repair For Kristal

I am from Melbourne FL.....Me and my father bought "two" 655 xf reels w/ the manual"handle" from Erra Marine around 3 yrs ago.One is a complete dud"MINE".The other is fine cause its been used twice in 3 yrs.. Sent the bad one to them twice to repair "drag system" plus other major problems besides that.Gets pricey with shipping plus the charge for repair...ITS NOW COMPLETELY USELESS AFTER MAYBE 3 DAYS OF USING IT....I pretty much give up...Will definitely not steer anybody into buying a Krystal....If I was dealing with a company like Shimano I would have been given a new reel...Guaranteed...Anybody know of anywhere else I can get this repaired at so I can sell this piece of junk for probably next to nothing........DONT BUY A KRISTAL


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    Kel's Rod and Reel repair Altamonte Springs 407-834-3008 Open Tuesday thru Saturday. If they can't fix it no body can
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    I generally do my homework, purchase what is best for my purposes and look for excuses to give the manufacturers of my equipment the benefit of the doubt.

    With that being said, I hate to admit I'm not really thrilled with the Kristal company.

    First off, I only use my deep drop during summer and usually just for West End trips (a few times a year).
    Not swording and not commercial so it's not imperative that this reel stands up to harsh elements day in and day out.
    I should be an easy customer for them.

    However, when they sent this reel to me it mistakenly was set up with the wrong size fuse. I blew through the installed fuse and the extras in the first couple hours of our trip and did not realize they were the wrong size until getting home.

    Also, when a fuse would blow I would attempt to use the fuse bipass switch so to get the rig up from 800-1200ft. That did not work either (on a brand new reel). Upon my return and inquiry as to why the bipass switch did not operate I was told the manufacturer "bipassed the bipass option". This is despite how it was designed, advertised and despite the fact it actually had a bipass switch mounted.

    When I asked why the *** Kristal would do that, I was made to understand that Kristal got tired of replacing customers' burned out motors.

    The fuse size mistake and the bipass option being bipassed are the only issues I had with the actual reel.

    The fact that Kristal intentionally rewired it incorrectly got me thinking that in hindsight I should have butched up on the LP.

    That trip cost as much as that Kristal reel which I didnt get to use.

    The only positive that came out of this is now I can brag about hand lining a slob sized snapper from the deep (with a 10 pound weight attached).
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