Marine and Lakes

sharky12sharky12 Posts: 194 Deckhand
New product launched TODAY! Get an entire state (Florida is East or West) for freshwater lakes and coastal saltwater out to 3NM for $99. Also get a year of Freshest data daily updates and a free PC App.


  • FrisbeeFrisbee Posts: 2,315 Officer
    So THIS IS WHAT I NEED FOR the Fish'n chip data?!
  • FrisbeeFrisbee Posts: 2,315 Officer
    what is it called and where is a link? I can't find it.
  • Ceena JohnCeena John Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Marine and Lakes having a lot of beauty concept so we will are about nature and get
    a perfect growth for fresh air and pleasant weather.
    Ceena John
  • sharky12sharky12 Posts: 194 Deckhand
    Hi Frisbee... no fish n chip data is only on platinum Plus. Marine and lakes is Gold coastal data to 3 nm and lake contours. cost is $99. It just hit stores about 3 weeks ago.
  • FrisbeeFrisbee Posts: 2,315 Officer
    **** it
    My situation sucks. I can't use the platinum on the 386ci, so I have to spend $400 to get a gold card and try and find the fish n chip somewhere?
    that ain't right, the unit cost that I gotta pay that price again?
  • sharky12sharky12 Posts: 194 Deckhand
    no no.. Gold chart is $199. Marine and Lakes is $99. Trying to find a Fish N Chip is the tricky one. Gold chart will give you all of the USA full saltwater. total cost $199. Marine and lakes will give you either east coast or west coast of Florida with detail out to 3NM and freshwater lakes. Marine and lakes is now in Bass Pro.

    if you can find a FNC, grab it! if not, might be a bit but working on some things :)
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