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10k thursday late afternoon trip

Passed few days have been concentrated on boat maintenance. It was time to put the boat back in the water so i Took a friend out of poi on hi tide yesterday afternoon. Water was way warmer then ive seen it in a long time. things are really heating up. in a couple hours we managed to get some beautiful trout biggest ones being 21, 20 and 18. those were caught along the mangroves near small pods of bait fish. we also caught a dozen or so at 14" in a deep hole among the small islands and oyster bars back in the bay. As we got deeper into the mangrove shoreline with flats and bars on the backside we ran into the reds I was after. Reds were mostly small and only got 4. biggest ones were 22 and 18. There was no way I was gona leave this shoreline to find what I was really looking for, Snook. Another 20 yards down the line sure enough we pulled 3 little snook out , I mean little about 10 to 14 inches but snook none the less. by this time the no see ums were eating our heads off so we got outta there and made it to the cleaning table by dark. Nice little trip with both of us getting our red snook and trout. All fish were caught on a gold rubber swimbait and a white doa shrimp. The bite has been consistent and fun filled fish catching days. Come on Down! IMG_20120223_172300.jpg Come Get Some! IMG_20120223_175344.jpg
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