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2/2012 - Truely a Florida Winter this year!!! - North IRL

This winter has definitely been amazing compared to the last several years that had us at record low temperatures, massive fish kills, and most fishermen staying warm in their homes instead of on the water. This year though our average temps have been in the high to mid 60's, we've had lots of sunshine, and great fishing all winter as most of you know cause you've been out there catching them up!!

February started off strong and is ending strong, rolling us right up into March the beginning of what I call our hot season(March-October). The water temps have remained relatively warm all winter so most of the inshore species we love to target have not wandered off in search of warmer waters, so you can expect the flats to be alive and healthy. There is plenty of bait roaming around to feed our predatory fish you just gotta find the bigger schools of bait and predatory fish will be nearby. The biggest obstacle we've had to face all winter has been the wind and it will continue to be windy till June so get acquainted with it. These windy days doesn't mean you're stuck on dry land it just means you need to choose your battles wisely and fish smarter, not harder. Pick your launch destinations wisely and out of the wind, always try to paddle into the wind in the morning so you have a nice drift with the wind to your back all the way home to the launch, and remember the afternoon bite can still be better than the morning bite till it starts getting consistently in the 80+ temps. The Trout are all over the place right now especially the big shallow sand holes in the afternoon, and we've been finding most of the reds in the dense grassy beds in about 1 1/2ft of h20. If the wind is light tails are waving.

Don't be afraid to try new things this year. Plenty of new products being released with most manufacturers offering all new line ups of lures, rods, updated reels, kayaks, etc. Remember buy American made products and put our countries money where it belongs, back in the hands of Americans.
One of my favorite new lures is the Zoom Swimmin Super Fluke!

Comes in a variety of colors and the reds, trout, and snook love these things. Rigged on 1/16oz worm gap hook, just work it fast enough that you're not dragging bottom but slow enough so you're not swimming right on the surface. Work/twitch it over patchy sand holes with dense grass beds and you'll see what I'm talking about!

Few of February's catches!
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