Cobia rod blank?

Looking to begin building my next rod and have questions on a blank choice. Fishing for cobia from a boat and I was thinking of this Gator Glass Blank.

8ft 12 – 25 lb

Any input?

With the pace I get to build, by the time I actually finish I’ll probably be able to begin using it in 2013.:willynilly
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  • snake birdsnake bird Posts: 1,023 Officer
    the butt diameter of that blank is massive!
  • MiamipescadorMiamipescador Posts: 696 Officer
    American Tackle Viper 1089, calstar 900m
  • Ol'DirtyCasterOl'DirtyCaster Posts: 2,309 Captain
    To each their own. That's not really the direction I would go. If durability is your concern, go with a composite such as the seeker SS-CJBF80. Cobia fishing means casting, casting heavy lures, accurately, sometimes at a pretty good distance. I've been using a St. Croix 4C79HF for the past 2 seasons and I love it.
  • seanfishseanfish Posts: 254 Deckhand
    First thing I want to know is your price range. Your options open up greatly if you play around the $100 range.
    Here, I'd recommend one of two options:
    Mudhole MHX MU96MH-MHX 15-40#.
    Calstar GF800L (not GFX800L) 15-30#
    Possibly also looking at St Croix 3SW80HF 17-40# and Seeker Hercules GTS80 15-30#

    Top choice being the MHX.

    It looks like you are currently in the 50 and less range however, which means your options are severely limited. May have to kick it up a little to the $75 range. For this, I would suggest:
    SPSWB80H (20-40)/SPSWB80M (15-25) depending on feel I would take over the gator glass though.
    American Tackle AXC80MH 20-30# (more of a 15-30# blank) is a MUCH better choice, but also around 20 bucks more expensive than your current selection.

    If you notice, I dont like, nor think its necessary for an all glass rod for cobia. Personally I prefer graphite, but you will also notice they are not 12-25# blanks. They are 15-30 and 15-40# class. I am sure you know cobia can do some pretty quick damage if you let them so I prefer to keep a lightweight outfit but make sure I am not underpowered when on a larger fish as we commonly see here in the 40 pound range. Double footed guides for sure. This rod will easily double as a dolphin pitch rod when that time comes as well.
  • PP1PP1 Posts: 332 Deckhand
    First of all, thanks for the responses. Seeing some of the work ya’ll have done and having spoken to seanfish myself I don’t think I could have asked for more qualified folks to provide some input….thank you.

    Now I must apologize for leaving out some details. As I was attempting to type that up my 9YO daughter was playing with my hair (at least what’s left of it) lying behind me on the back of the couch while watching TV. To say I was a little distracted would be an understatement.

    With that out of the way more details.

    1. Wife has been laid off so finances are strapped, got to keep everything in budget mode.

    2. Good friend of mine has some blanks laying around that he offered to give to me, this being one. All I have to provide is real seat and guides.

    3. While I’ve been very happy with what I have produced, still very much a novice and try to soak up knowledge like a sponge.

    4. I was thinking with the length and the way Gator seems to under rate their rods this may be an acceptable choice.

    5. I have no idea if this thing when finished would just be ridiculous to try to heave out a good size jig a few dozen times or not.

    6. I would like to have a big (heavy and on the longish side) spinning rod, but if the consensus is that this thing would just stink as that I’ll just go with one of his smaller river rod blanks and try something with that.

    A huge THANK YOU for the input provided so far.
    "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." - Red Green
  • seanfishseanfish Posts: 254 Deckhand
    Will it work....that answer is YES. Is it ideal...that answer is a flat out NO. For only having to get guides and reel seat.....I'd say go for it. If you don't like it much, you can always rebuild it into something else in the future and you really dont have much into it.

    Gator does tend to under rate rods a bit. So you are correct. My main concern with that blank is the "mod-fast" action. To me from that manufacturer means moderate or possibly moderate slow. See where it shuts off and make your decision from there.
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