mystery fuel system part ?

NoeetticaNoeettica Posts: 2,289 Captain
mystery fuel system part ?

What is this ? (It is Not the fuel pump)

It is not in the parts books !

can it be by passed / eliminated ?

Pm me and let me know I have an answer ... I hang on OT ...

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  • Liquid TheropyLiquid Theropy Posts: 608 Officer
    If you talking about the piece hanging next to the carb, I call it a fuel enrichment valve or sometimes a solenoid. Fuel from the carb bowl flows into it and when you choke the motor it flows to carb. See the small hose at engine side of carb. Do I win a prize??
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    It could also be a type of accelerator pump. When the throttle is suddenly opened, the intake vacuum drops and a diaphragm, spring, and needle valve move to allow fuel from the float bowl to be "sucked up" into the intake manifold to richen things up during hard acceleration. As the rpms increase, the vacuum increases and the valve closes.

    I've also seen de-acceleration valves like that where fuel is "sucked up" when the throttle is chopped (high intake vacuum), to keep the motor from stalling.

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  • NoeetticaNoeettica Posts: 2,289 Captain
    Thank You ! Best answers ! Better than outboard motor forum !!!

    now if I can find parts to fix it !
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