Bahama's bones fly(s)?

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One of my good fishing buddies is taking a trip down to crooked island with his grandfather for spring break. As it's winter time in North Carolina and there's no that much else to do we started building a fly box for him. Sort of done the basics, Gotcha's, Crazy Charlies, baby clouser's, in pink, yellow, tan, white and green. Did a couple Merkin's, a few Borskie sliders (cause they where on the website), and some big flashy stuff for the toothy critters. The trouble is while I'm from Florida and been reading abut them my whole life. I've never fished for let alone caught a bonefish and definitely not on fly. Am I in the right track for flies so far? Any recommendations for Bahama bonefish fly's and specifically for crooked island?


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    Yup, you're on the right track - those are all of the good ones for the Bahamas.
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    I would recommend some pink puffs as well.
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    Tie up a pocketful of Meko Specials:

    I've fished with Meko, he's something else. His version of the story in this link is almost exactly the same, except he provided the following epilogue.

    Orvis left the Bahamas with his pattern, named it after him, and promised him they wouldn't forget him when they started selling his fly. All on a handshake, as he described it.

    Didn't hear anything for a few months, and he forgot all about that weekend until a check came in the mail. He still collects a small royalty for all of the Meko's sold through Orvis. I might have misremembered some of the details, but this is a decent nutshell version. Point is, Orvis did right. And the fly really gets 'em in the Bahamas.
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    I'll whip some of them up. General question. Should I not be working with more or less solid colors? Example, if I'm tying a pink gatcha they are more or less solid pink. Should I be working what would equate to white and tan with a bit of pink thrown in to give it a highlights?
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    Bruce Chard in the keys showed me a simple tan craft fur gotcha a few years ago. Tan craft fur, a couple pieces of flash and two plastic legs. Tied with chartruse thread. Tie with a variety of eyes and you are set. The Bahamas guys will declare it a Keys Fly and question the bright green head. My experience is that it will catch any bonefish, period. That said bonefish flies are easy and fun to tie, so I can't resist making a variety of others, but I tie this one on and cut it off three days later! Like a lot of things in fishing, if you have confidence in it it becomes a self fulfilling thing.
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    I think bonefish flies are one of those things we way-overcomplicate. I have been on 4 trips to the Bahamas (Abaco, Andros, Bimini), to Turks and Cacos, and to the Seychelles .... and I have never seen a guide who was very concerned about what fly you threw. They pay attention to the weight, and generally want flies that are fairly neutral in color. Design (Meko vs Charlie vs Peterson's Spawning Shrimp) ... not so much.

    Think about it. Bonefish grow up in schools racing with each other to be the first to gobble up the crab scuttling away from the group. They aren't big thinkers about what it is they are chasing. They don't stop and inspect it like permit. How often does a bonefish have a bad experience with something that looks like a shrimp that it eats? Not often.

    As Junior Member Anzuelo said, it is more a matter of angler confidence. You will catch bonefish with what you throw, and you will throw what you believe in. It's just nice to have other flies to have and believe in when you start to lose belief in yourself. And when the other angler waiting for his turn on the deck starts to fuss at you ... particularly if it is Anzuelo.


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    I fish gotchas and clousers almost exclusively but all those you named work great. Main thing I found In Bahamas is you need to to have various sizes and weights to cover ankle deep to 3ft. Small bead chain eyes all the way up to medium lead eyes. Sizes #2-6. Last trip to andros I never changed from #4 gotchas with small to extra small lead eyes and caught fish till tired.
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