Another good day on the Indian River.

SUPER DSUPER D Posts: 669 Officer
Went with my good friend john today, we caught only 3 Reds, and missed a couple others. none over Johns 21" Red. But we did catch lotts, and lotts of Trout, we stopped counting at 15. all but 3 were over 19". John was using a Doa shrimp, and Super fluke. I used my shrimp fly, and a white/red Seaducer, on a 2/0 hook. then I went to the dark side for a little while, and used a Super fluke. The lagets Trout, 23" ate the Seaducer, and at one point I made 10 casts, with 7 trout over 20" 1 Red, around 18", and pulled the hook on 2 nice Trout. We ended the day, with 3 boated Reds, and who knows how many Trout. Most of the Trout were over 20". We took only a few picture, was to much work to move boat so sun was in a good spot.


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