Dolphin out of St Augustine

Left the inlet early wednesday morning to a black rough sea. took our time getting out, so we didnt beat the boat or ourselves to death. made it to 150' @ 67 deg, put in the high speed lures and continued east. made it to 250', saw a nice rip, cross it to find 70 deg water temp and turn south to troll down the rip. within 5 minutes we had a small dolphin on, put him in the cooler. reset the high speed and another dolphin is on and in the box. switched to bigger spread geared towards dolphin and continued to troll and catch them dolphin after dolphin, with a couple of double hook ups. Put 19 in the box between 8-15 lbs before 1pm. decided we had enough dolphin and began high speeding again with no luck. pulled in the high speed gear and cruised to the dock in a much smoother sea. hit the dock at 4pm.

The wahoo dont seem to be here, but the dolphin are!



  • loweballzloweballz Posts: 216 Officer
    great report! Looks like an early run of dolphin this year.
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  • no peekinno peekin Posts: 799 Officer
    Nice catch.We were out a week or so ago and found the same results(just not as many).Nice work!
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  • Devil DogDevil Dog Posts: 109 Officer
    Very nice, thanks for the report
  • Pullin' OutPullin' Out Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    thanks for the comments, were going to try again when conditions line up, maybe sat or sun

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