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Cleaning boat cover

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I have a canvas boat cover that's slowly turning black. What can I use on this to clean it up.
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  • LimeyLimey Posts: 557 Officer
    Take to the laundry mat find the biggest washer you can find. Costs about $9 the easiest way to do it no need to use the dryer
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  • Plane Fish nPlane Fish n Posts: 6,439 Admiral
    Limey wrote: »
    Take to the laundry mat find the biggest washer you can find. Costs about $9 the easiest way to do it no need to use the dryer


    Thank you for this advice.

    I tried it with my last Aqualon (spelling?) full boat cover and it didn't work. I then added some clorox to the mix (I have gortex thread in the seams so not so bad) and again, it didn't clean the black stuff.

    What I ended up doing was putting a gallon of clorox in a pump sprayer, spraying down the cover and then using a stiff brush to brush out the black (mold or mildew) on the outside of the cover. This helped a lot.

    I then put it back in the washing machine without any soap and let the water wash the clorox off.

    I now have my new Aqualon boat cover and the same thing is happening as with Last-Cast so if you or anyone else has another idea, that would be great.

    BTW.. perhaps I didn't use the correct soap????

    It was ok but not perfect.

  • Kevinwwings2Kevinwwings2 Posts: 1,279 Officer
    I lay mine out on the driveway moldy side up and make sure it dries out and is in the sun. Then wash it with laundry detergent, then rinse it well. Then lay it back out for a sunny day or two. Mold does not like light or dry. If you can get it good and dry and in the sun it should kill it, just may have to wash it a second time. After you have it clean and dry apply some kind of water proofing. It will get super soft and feel like you washed it with fabric softener. I use a push broom as my brush to clean it, but no reason a good stiff scrub brush won't work.
  • BillatstarbriteBillatstarbrite Posts: 528 Officer
    Or you could use Star brite Sail & Canvas Cleaner.

    Definitely use a coin laundry washer so as to avoid the wife killing you. They don't seem to have the same spirit of adventure as we do. Go figure.
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    Plane Fish N

    I had used the Aqualon material on a cover I had on a Twin Vee 22 a few years back. The material was hard to clean. The only thing that worked was TSP(Tri Sodium Phosphate) usually found in pain stores.Home Depot in the paint department. Mix with warm water and use a brush. Works like a charm. This material is 100% waterproof and needs allot of venting to prevent mold.
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