Bow Unit options

ericl11ericl11 Posts: 21 Greenhorn
I have a 998c Si console mounted and wanted a simple and clean setup on my bow just to give me bottom, depth and temp as I am usually fishing near the trolling motor. What would be the most economical and clean way to do this? I have a 24' bay boat. New unit with trolling motor transducer (not crazy about the brackets and wires running up) or piggy back something off the main unit? If the answer is to connect the two units what are my wiring requirements and models that tie in well?


  • Joby@Humminbird[email protected] Posts: 20 Greenhorn
    There is a option if you do not want to mount a transducer on the trolling motor and not have the cables ob the shaft of the trolling motor. We have a new Ethernet system. I would suggest a 788ci HD unit. By using the ethernet system you do not have to mount a tranducer on the trolling motor. You can use the transducer on the transon for the depth. You will need the following:
    AS EC 20E

    The power cable and the mounting system will come packaged in the retail box.
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