Gingrich: GOP Race "Probably Six Months" From Ending

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ORLANDO, Florida - Newt Gingrich's campaign announced Tuesday it raised $5 million dollars in January on top of the $10 million raised last quarter, however aides would not indicate how much cash the campaign has on hand -- a critical number for determining whether they can make it through the summer as the former speaker has pledged to do.

This weekend the candidate told Bloomberg News that his campaign was down to approximately $600,000 cash on hand and spending money as quickly as they get it. Since then spokesman R.C. Hammond has said the candidate misspoke and the $600,000 was referring to the amount the campaign had entering the South Carolina primary and they have since raised $2.5 million in money bombs.

However, when pressed, Hammond was unwilling to give a figure for how much cash they have right now.

Gingrich dropped by a polling station at First Baptist Church of Windermere for his first stop on primary day, shaking hands with voters and swarmed by cameras. Mitt Romney has taken a double digit lead in polls leading up to Tuesday but Gingrich told reporter he didn't expect to "lose big" here.

"I can tell you now the early vote will all look very good for Romney because it's the absentees where he spent millions of dollars before we get here. But we will see as the evening goes on how it's going to go," he said.

When asked how close the race was to being over, Gingrich said, "I would probably say six months. I would say June or July, unless Romney drops out."

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