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Hey guys, I am planning a trip for my family to Indian Rocks Beach sometime in June or July. I wanted to get some input on when you all thought would be the best time frame within those 2 months. I'll be fishing the surf in front of where we are staying, may be able to get to some flats or something one morning while we are there. I've got a 9wt TFO BVK with a Orvis BLA V reel. I've read alot about the Snook getting into the troughs in the surf, but I'm open to catching anything (spanish, jack, ladyfish, exc..). From what I have researched on this site it sounds like clousers, decievers, and Schiminnows (which I can't find anywhere online). Any help is appreciated.


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    The beaches will be your best bet for just about anything. The flats will be best early or late on the lower end of the tides.
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    The flies you mentioned will all work. Small Puglisi baitfish are also very effective. Often, it is best to tie them sparse and small. Mostly it is a sight casting game, so get out and walk the beach until you see them. Stay up on the sand as they will mostly be in and near the first 5 yards from the bank. if the water is rough and dirty, use a sink tip and lightly weighted fly in the surf and first trough.
    A schminnow is nothing more than a short marabou tail with a palmered estaz body and bead chain eyes...add flash to the tail if you like. A google search for Schminnow fly just returned a long list of recipes and videos.
    If you have or can get access to a couple kayaks, you can target tarpon close to shore as well. You will be able to see them rolling from the beach.
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    Thanks for the info guys. If figured if they were in the first trough I'd be able to spot them in clean water. If you guys had to pick a time to come would it be June or July?
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    June or July would be equally as good. It gets a little hotter in July, but if you are on the beach it shouldn't matter. I fish just at and after dawn for snook. They will be more active and you will have an outgoing sea breeze that will knock the waves down. Watch for busting bait and diving birds.

    If you want to time your trip for fishing, check the tides. If you are going to fish early, you should pick a time when the tides are running at that time. I prefer an outgoing tide for morning snook.
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    Thanks for all the help. Booked a place for the week of June 2-9.
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    Hi OLC55,
    I grew up near Indian Rocks Beach and have fished there for literally 35 years. Fishing has gotten much better over the last two decades! Others provided you with excellent suggestions for snook. In June the snook will be all over the beaches. Get there early in the morning and you can sometimes see them in the surf if visibility is good (visibility sucks in that area compared to other places in Florida). You can cast plugs and flies or live bait at them. At night, try Sand Key bridge, it's loaded with snook, and back in the 1980s we used to occasionally jump tarpon off the bridge!

    Good luck!
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    Sounds great, would love to be able to hook up with one. What would be a good leader/tippet set up for them? From what I read, they tend to get a little skiddish.
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    Well, fished the past two mornings in the surf. Dirty water, Wind blowing straight in and rough surf have made me work hard so far. I've got into some lady fish, hardtail (croaker), and a few trout. Saw a big bull red in the surf this AM but he didn't eat. Going to keep hammering away, hoping to see my backing at some point this week. Thanks to all those who have suggestions and help!
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