Berkley gulp alive questions

Over the weekend I saw a school of permit and I just got done catching bait for a day in the bay and needless to say they didn't want a live pinfish or ballyhoo. So I bought a tub of gulp alive today for the next time this happens, the shrimp and crab mix and was wanting to know how you guys rig them and how long will they stay good on the boat? Will permit and bones eat them regularly?


  • sharkatak1089sharkatak1089 Posts: 6,407 Officer
    for that application, put a frickin circle hook through the middle of it and hold on.

    otherwise, a 3/0 widegape for the shrimp..
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  • TeamTekeTeamTeke Posts: 972 Officer
    I use GULP shrimp with great success for trout in upper Florida Bay. I have tried the GULP crab for permit without success but maybe I'm not giving it a long enough trial. Last year while on a Bahamas bonefish trip I could not get the bones to eat Gulp shrimp while they gobbled up the fresh shrimp I took with me. The Bahamas guide didn't like the stuff.

    Remember, always carry a live crab in you pocket when you baitfish. Lol
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  • razorreilly09razorreilly09 Posts: 8,401 Officer
    So Ron, do you think its more of the action and not the taste/smell? A crab in the pocket would be tight quarters!
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