1/28-1/29 Fish Whistle Family Matter

Quick report from the phone left St. Aug LATE around 9 picked up some live bait and headed east started on the break trolled to the 29 58 with nothing headed deeper picked up one in 350 with nothing else to show for out there. So we came back to the break and trolled to the 30 08. Picked up lines as it was dark lol! Switched gears headed north for the mutton bite so as we got there it was on but I had to rig all the rods as I was the only dude there! I managed to box 6 and we had that many breakoffs before they shut down completely I had a rod with a live bait down all night needless to say that was my alarm woke me up at sunrise with a fish. For some reason I thought I was dreaming so I lost it. Pulled the hook and started trolling as I was putting the second line out he hammered it then another hit the other outrigger. Lost one but got the other one 50lb Hoo C'mon. We slowly pick at the back to the 29 54. We we 5 for 7 with a short strike and one possible two billfish hits. All in all good day on the water with the family couple crazy moments and THANK God for autopilot. Pics to come can't do it on the phone.
Fish Whistle
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T225 yamaha 4-Stroke
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