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st johns shad 1/28/12

I read the shad thread from 1/21 and decided to go. My neighbor and his wife joined me. We did ok. Fished from 12:30 to 4:45. We left out of C.S. lee park and headed south. Caught about 10 shad and 10 to 15 crappie between the three of us. White curly tail grubs on a white 1/8 oz jig head were the top producer for the shad. my neighbor and his wife caught more crappie on a larger jig head and green curly tail grub. Very busy but had a great time.


  • skinnyhoopsskinnyhoops Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    1/8th oz is definitly a must when it comes to that dang wind blowing LOL. I tried casting 1/16th yesterday and it almost came back to me. Good job on the shad and specks! Sounds like a fun trip.
    I was thinking of trying the shoreline at CS Lee park, but didn't know if there would be any shad running through there. Seems alot of them have gone further south towards the econ. Maybe be even as far south as Hatbill park right now. I'm boatless so still looking for a good spot to fish from the shore. The shad were running great near mullet lake a couple weeks ago, but lately it has slowed down alot there.
    I agree the white curly tail grubs have been very productive this year, with chartreuse metalflake being another top color. Sometimes if those two don't work, I switch to pink and get them to strike. Crappie seem to LOVE pink too. I've also tried those shad darts available from Nungesser but haven't had any success with them.
  • flaswimbaiterflaswimbaiter Posts: 123 Officer
    Like little tarpon, that is so cool.
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